Careers at Wellcare Pharmacy


Wellcare Pharmacy is offering job opportunities to pharmacists and other professionals who’s willing to join an innovation-driven, fast-growing company and who’s up to the challenge of caring for the community.

We are committed to providing career improvement opportunities.

As a leading healthcare organization, investment in our people is an investment in our future.

We create an ambience where all employees have the chance to develop, learn and grow by guiding and encouraging our employees to create robust career plans. Thus, enabling them to reach their full potential and accomplish their professional goals.


Talent development

We are committed to working with all employees to improve their talents, skills, and abilities.

Employee advancement is merit-based reflecting performance as well as a demonstration of core competencies which include our values, with importance on ethics and sincerity.

We conduct the employee appraisal process to identify our high-potential employees and ensure they have discussions with their managers about their career pathways and development. As a result, this provides employees to have clear, actionable plans for projects, assignments, and possibilities to expand and build their skills capabilities.

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We offer competitive, fulfilling rewards and benefits total packages.

 At Wellcare Group, we offer competitive, fulfilling rewards, and benefits packages.

Our benefits packages depending on the role and level per employee. The total package covers the following:

  • A competitive basic salary with an annual incentive bonus scheme.
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Transportation facility
  • Communication devices
  • Rewards, recognition, and incentive programs for employees who delivered exceptional results in their respective fields.

We are committed to ensuring that our employees work in a healthy and safe environment.

Health & Safety

A healthy and safe working environment is necessary for the way that we work. The safety of our employees and those who work with us is given the highest preference at all times and we continuously observe methods and requirements at all Wellcare Group offices and pharmacy branches to secure that we constantly progress.

Health Check-ups

Various health check-ups are conducted routinely that includes FREE doctor counselling in partnership with Allevia Medical Center to check their blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI and ECG.


The motive of our business is to help create and support an inclusive culture. It will help people do more, feel great and provide a fulfilling, inspirational workplace.

Dedicationcreativity and unity – these are the three values which plays a vital role in the workplace to achieve individual and collective achievements.

  • Dedication – Care and understanding for each other, our customers and patients.
  • We step into our customers’ shoes, assume their requirements and fulfil the highest levels of service.
  • We aim to have the best understanding of the customers and patients whom we presently serve, and we deliver our products with them in mind.
  • Our passion for what we do motivates us to continuously advance and increase the positive impact that we have in Qatar.
  • Creativity – Exploration, learning and innovation.
  • We push the limits of our business by staying curious, holding the modesty to dispute our habitual ways of thinking through introducing various innovative products.
  • We look for solutions and accomplish them through talent and force of will through expanding our social commitments.
  • We have the ability and confidence to win, and we do so with honor and with highest moral standards with a mindset to grow.

Unity – Teamwork, based on joint trust and admiration.

  • As a team, we are stronger and accomplish more.
  • We are driven by a shared desire and understand the result of our individual participation in our mutual goals through honest and courteous communication.
  • We deliver the best results, by adding different aspects and leveraging our expertise.

We are providing clinical and work term placements for students from Qatar University as well as CNAQ (College of North Atlantic Qatar). It helps them to gain on-the-job training and mentorship, which will help expand their skill-set as Pharmacist as well as pharmacy technicians in the health sector of Qatar..